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Electron Probe Microanalysis

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The Electron Microprobe, obtained through an NSF Instrumentation Grant to Susan Swapp and
Jimm Myers, is housed in the Department of Geology & Geophysics at the University of Wyoming.


This instrument is optimized for quantitative, non-destructive chemical analysis of solid materials.
Elements present in concentrations of at least 0.10 wt. % can usually be quantified to within  1%
of the measured abundance, and elements present in smaller concentrations can be measured with
somewhat less precision.  Any number of elements can be included in an analysis.   This instrument is
also capable of high-precision x-ray mapping of spatial variations in chemical compositions. Both Energy
Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy (WDS) mapping are available,
depending on your requirements.


Our instrument is a JEOL JXA-8900 Electron Microprobe with 5 fully automated crystal spectrometers, a
fully integrated solid state x-ray detector, backscattered and secondary electron detectors capable of "real-time"
imaging, fully automated sample stage capable of accomodating a wide variety of sample sizes and shapes
(up to 6 standard petrographic thin sections), and also includes an HP700i series workstation and peripherals
for controlling data acquisition and data processing.

Sample Requirements

For optimal results, samples should be stable in a vacuum of 10-6 torr, suitable for polishing to 1 micron
smoothness, include no more than one element of atomic number less than 5, and have individual particles at
least 5 microns in diameter. Smaller particles, unpolished samples, and samples with several light elements
can be analyzed, but require special procedures; ask us about YOUR samples.

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