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The Laboratory

The Geology and Geophysics Department at the University of Wyoming supports state-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratories for characterization of chemical composition, crystalline structure, and morphology of both natural and man-made solid materials.  Our instruments are housed in laboratories designed specifically for these applications in our new  65,500 square foot MRRC building on the campus of the University of Wyoming.


The Instrumentation

Quantitative, semiquantitative, and qualitative chemical analyses are performed on our Electron Probe Microanalyzer.   We can analyze for any number of elements in solid samples, and analyses are non-destructive.  Spatial variations in chemical composition can also be evaluated readily using this instrument.  Analyses for 10 elements are routinely completed in under 2 minutes, and operation is fully automated.

Semi-quantitative chemical analyses and a wide variety of image acquisition functions are performed on our Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs).  One SEM is equipped with and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) which can detect elements with atomic number of 5 or greater, a backscattered electron detector, and a cathodo-luminescence detector in addition to the standard secondary electron detector.

Crystalline structures are identified and refined, and quantitative measurements of abundances of distinct compounds in mixtures are measured using our X-Ray Diffractometer.  This instrument is fully automated and is capable of running multiple samples in an unattended mode.

All of our instruments are "networked" for ease of data transfer and processing, and extensive computer hardware and software are available to support all of the instruments.


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